Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) 

We are a network of dedicated academics, cannabis industry, healthcare providers, consumers, and patients who aim to advance the science and research around medical and adult use cannabis. 

  Marion McNabb, DrPH, MPH
Co-founder and CEO
  Randy MacCaffrie
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer
  Kellie Klein
Chief Financial Officer

Sean McCaffery, Research Analyst

Mackenzie Bullard

Research Assistant

DJ Ritter
Research Assistant

Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) is a company that specializes in providing high-quality advocacy, research, and education services related to Cannabis. As a social justice-oriented organization, we specialize in designing, monitoring, and evaluating models of integrating adult-use and medical Cannabis to positively impact social, clinical, and public health outcomes. 


Our vision is to develop a financially sustainable Center of Excellence for Cannabis Care and Research in Massachusetts that embraces collaboration and highlights local ownership and expertise in the Commonwealth. 


Our goal is to de-stigmatize the use of Cannabis and advance the science and integration of Cannabis therapies into mainstream healthcare system. The scientific evidence related to the impact Cannabis can have on the opioid epidemic is compelling. We intend to drive the implementation of programs and education that promotes the integration of medical Cannabis as a therapeutic alternative to opioids.


We are a group of dedicated professionals that thrive on creativity, innovation, and community engagement in the Cannabis industry. We are passionate about leveraging our experience to reduce the stigma, advance the clinical use of Cannabis, and document how legal and medical Cannabis can improve social health and economic outcomes in Massachusetts and beyond. 

We bring a range of expertise from Cannabis community advocacy and cultivation, to developing digital health technology and health education solutions for health workers in low income countries, improving financial transparency and accountability, legal services, and construction and creative design. We bring our experience with the goal of advancing the science and implementation of best practices to the industry in order to advance Cannabis as a medicine.

First and foremost we are a grassroots organization for the people, by the people. All of us at C3RN are passionate about our work, because we have each experienced the real therapeutic benefit of Cannabis in our own way. We created the virtual Center of Excellence as a way to increase our accessibility to our entire community: medical patients, adult consumers, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and health practitioners. 
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