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Phylos Plant Sex Test - 88 Seedling Plate Collection Kit

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Plant Sex Test 88 - Seedling Sample Collection Kit - For Hemp and Cannabis - Identify male seedlings 7 days after germination - Save time, money, and grow space - Get rid of the guesswork - Early Y Chromosome Detection for Cannabis Seedlings Contents: Instruction card, 1 88-sample plant test plate, 88 plant stakes, plate seal Dimensions: 6.28 x 5.13. 1.88 Create a Phylos account to easily view results online. We’ll send you an email notification with a link to your results as soon as they’re ready. Your account helps you keep track of testing status, order history, and results—all in one place. STEPS: 1: Register your kit. Click here to register your kit. If you purchased your kit from phylos.bio, skip to Step 2. 2: Collect plant samples. Read the included instructions carefully and watch relevant sampling video: Card Collection Instructions- Video 88-Seedling Plate Collection Instructions - Video 3: Send your samples. To notify the lab, schedule a shipment with a tracking number. Send your samples via 2-day shipping. 4: Results. Test results will be available in your account within 2 business days. Turnaround time may be extended if retests are required. View Results
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