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Phylos Certified - Genotype Test

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Genetic Certification for the cannabis supply chain. Get to know what you are growing with insights like closet relatives, clones, genetic variation and more. Make your data open source -- or protect your IP. Cannabis plants are currently sold under unreliable names (not every “Blue Dream” is the same plant variety), meaning inconsistent experiences for everyone — from farmers to consumers. Phylos Certified is a public and verified genetic ID based on world-class DNA sequence analysis of individual plant varieties. It allows businesses all along the supply chain to provide science behind their branding. The end goal is about consistency—from patients in need of reliable medicine to moms looking for a repeatable way to unwind. Phylos Certified is: A verified genetic location in the Phylos Galaxy A unique seal and public ID A genotype report showing closest genetic relatives, line stability, population profile, identical clones, and more As a bonus, you can opt in to sharing your sequence data with the Open Cannabis Project – which helps to defend your intellectual property by cataloguing it as prior art. We will never share your data without your permission. It’s your choice—always. Instructions 1: Register your kit. Click here to register your kit. If you purchased your kit from phylos.bio, skip to Step 2. 2: Collect stem pieces and wash. Important: Watch this video and read the included instructions carefully before collection.. Stem sample must weigh at least 0.5 grams dry, or 1.0 grams wet. 3: Send Your Samples. Send your sample to Phylos Bioscience using the pre-paid mailing envelope. 4: View your results in 4-6 weeks. You'll be notified via email when your results are ready. While you are waiting, be sure to update your variety profiles.
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